Bi-Monthly cycle for the Utility meter component

I would like to have a Bi-Monthly cycle for the Utility meter component.
The default cycle parameters are hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

How do I achieve bi-monthly rest on a specific date say 20th of every alternate month?

This should point you down the right track

Yes, I have gone thru this but i don’t see anything Bi-monthly under cycle

How often to reset the counter. Valid values are hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.```
cycle: monthly

Sorry i dint get you
Cycle: monthly
Resets utility meter monthly but i need to reset bi-monthly (Once in 2 months)
Can you please clarify how it works for bi- monthly

Hey @easwaran83, since august you might have found the solution.
In case you didn’t or somebody else like me want the same, here is my solution.

Set the cycle to yearly and then make an automation that reset the meter every 2 month.

can you please provide your solution.


with HA 0.116 we have this
The utility meter now supports a bimonthly cycle

yes, thank you, I got the news as well.

Hi guys

I have purchased sonoff pow r2 which works great however I wanted to use utility meter to gather data bimonthly starting from 1st of April. Can anyone explain how this utility meter works and how should I have it configured??
This is my config


  • platform: integration
    source: sensor.tasmota_energy_power
    name: pow_media
    round: 2
    unit_prefix: k

source: sensor.pow_media
cycle: bimonthly’

I have no clue how to set this to reset 1st of April. Offset format is HH:MM:SS , don’t know how to pick date.

The other thing is that current set up show rubbish,
I used integration as I thought I should use power which is real-time consumption in Watts. Should I use energy today instead?

Thanks in advance

@hareeshmu can help @darek as he is the developer of this bi-monthly component .

Offset can be given like this.


      days: 30
      hours: 0
      minutes: 0

Bimonthly will be Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, etc.

See if it helps.

Hi hareeshmu

thanks for advise. I will try it. so with the above offset period will reset 31st of Jan and then every second month? march , may…?

Hi, how would the automation go about resetting the counter ?

Hey, sorry to reply to an old post.

I’m testing with the bi-monthly feature and it’s great but I found my electricity company starts the cycle on February 9th.

Is there a way to change the cron pattern from */2 to 2/2 or something like that?

Thanks in advance,

Correct me if i’m wrong but would you need to configure this in yaml and add

cron: “0 0 1 2,4,6,8,10,12 *” this would reset at 00:00 on the 1st month every even number month. If you want to change it to odd months then it would be "0 0 1 1,3,5,7,9,11 * "