Big Ass Fan Light Soft White and Bright White support


I have a Big Ass Fan with a Downward Haiku LED Light kit. Generation 4, Indoor/Outdoor

Haiku LED Kits (

The Big Ass Fan app (android) supports two settings for the light, Bright White and Soft White.

I have a Haiku H/I Series, firmware version 3.2.1.

I was hoping we could get an added select entity that supports Soft White or Bright White (since they are the only two options. I have run the following commands:

python3 -m venv hass73122
source ./hass73122/bin/activate
pip3 install aiobafi6
aiobafi6 --discover
# ^C when you have your fan's IP
aiobafi6 --direct --dump --ip <IP>

And determined that Soft White produces


Whereas Bright White produces

+light_color_temperature: 4000

All other values seem to remain the same and only color_temperature changes between 2700 and 4000.

I would be happy to upload the dump-query-x.bin files if necessary. Thanks!

I have the same, and can see where LED Indicators can be referenced in HA. But it would be nice to turn on the lights and be able to determine the color. I’m trying to create an automation that anytime PLEX is started (after Sunset), that the light comes on to create an ambient light.