BIg Timer and MQTT: If Client is off, will it send the mqtt command at the next opportunity?

I have a flow that will launch a program on my PC (with HASS agent) at 1 min intervals between certain time window, and another once that window closes. Currently, it is set to every minute output that command, and it checks if the PC is on to continue. Is it possible to have Bigtimer send that MQTT command at the nearest time inside that window, waiting for when the PC turns on so it doesn’t bother to keep running at 1 minute intervals?

So lets say the window is between 5pm and 8pm, and the pc is off until 7pm. At 7pm send that MQTT command once and no more until 8:01pm when the alternate command is sent, and if in that window if the PC is closed do the same thing.

It works fine as it is, but I’m hoping to lessen the workload of having to check a timer every minute.

Have the computers sensor trigger the flow, use a time range node to limit the hours that the flow can proceed.


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this worked thank you

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