Bigger "private/local first" smart home companies: do they exist?

Hey everyone,

while HA (and NabuCasa) are massively pushing solutions for a “privacy first” and mostly-local smart home setup, a lot of companies for obvious reasons are pushing for a cloud-driven approach: User lock-in, user data/insights, subscription fees, simpler/standardised UX, etcetc.
I do understand that not only new companies go for a centralised approach, but that more and more companies that started out with or at least announced local options (hue, grünbeck, …) are moving over to a non-local approach.
What I’m wondering: are there any bigger companies left that are going with a “private/local first” approach?
And maybe as a related followup question: I would imagine, with a userbase as big as the one HA has, that a considerable number of users are actually working at companies who themselves are running on a business model that is cloud-first. If anyone here reads this who works for hue, sonos, etc: I’d be interested to hear how that perceived contradiction (working on cloud-first products by day, running your own home on HA) works for you. Either here or via PM, anything is fine :slight_smile: Especially software developers, product managers, architects, and similar roles.


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Anyone who makes zigbee or zwave devices.

Also these companies:

Though cloud connection is is allowed if “account linking must be supported”, whatever that means.

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Also any device that uses the KNX standard ist private / local First focused.

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