Bigtimer difficulty to setup it

Hi I try everything to make a node bigtimer to filter a event signal to passthrough only certainly days and hours.

Any one ho figurate wow it works can help me, Please.

Maybe you did not find how to do it because bigtimer node is not a filter but more like a kind of scheduler. The input in only here to override scheduled commands.

You’d better use a function node and some javascript there. (also node time-range, but it’s only hours/minutes based, not days)

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There is a weekday filter node that can be used with the time range node.

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You could use a bigtimer node with a gate node.

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If you want help with Bigtimer you need to go to Peter Scargills blog (the author of Bigtimer) this is the only place he provides support.

Having said that i would instead use the Within-time node from


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