Bigtimer (first time)


try today my first steeps with nodered…
have problems to use the Bigtimer. Perhaps anyone can help:

i know there are easier ways, but i will do this with the bigtimer (and learn how it works)


what is the question? or what is the problem you are trying to solve?

a- i need help with the correct settings
i want switch my lamp on and off (on 8:00 off: 9:00)
b- what is the diffent between output 2 & 3 ?
i thought the both fired the same signal? output 2 one time, and output 3 a loop.
but it seems, the output signals are different.

  1. to change the bigtimer setup. if you just want the bigtimer to turn on and off the lights for the rest of the days, no need to wire anything there. you already set it up in the bigtimer.
  2. is the output you need. but the payload comes from what you put in ON Msg or OFF Msg boxes. *
  3. this spits every minute. just shows the state of the node i think. not needed
  4. like Nr.2 but payload is ON Text or OFF Text.

so wire the output to number either 2 or 4. if you use number 2, then set the correct Msg box.

/* if you checked the “repeat output” box, this will send the message every minute actually. So as per your setup, every minute between 8am and 9 am it will send “on” and after that “off” until 8 am in the morning. uncheck the repeat output box, if you just want 2 messages (i.e one at 8 am and another at 9 am.)

Rather than create a new thread I’m going to jump on this one as I have related question

I’m trying to set up a flow which will come on from sunset until 22.45 on Bonfire Night (November 5th)

(nb. I’ve entered Lat/long, just removed for screenshot)

As you can see, Bigtimer seems to imply that it’s going to switch to ON in 5hrs 47mins (so at sunset), so it seems to be ignoring the date restriction I gave it…

Have I missed something?