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BigTimer with Presence


I’m working on getting my automations switched over to Node-Red and I’m struggling with the Presence portion. How do I get around the output from the “Home” node being “on” when we are home. Bigtimer will trigger the lights to go off at 1:00 am but they immediately come back on. Or do I have to have a separate flow to turn the lights off in this case?


The service calls can be overriden by msg, Those service calls in the ss i assume they have “turn_on”, so you can add a change node on the “Home?” second output and It will work as long as there are no extra parameters in data for the service call, like brightness, or color_temp, etc

msg.payload.service = “turn_off”


Bigtimer will output ‘on’ and ‘off’ at the desired time but you need to add the turn off and turn on service call at the end. On your flow i only see that you are turning on the lights.


Thanks, I figured it had to be something simple. I never thought of putting the switch ahead of the current state.