Binary sensor creation for using with MQTT - state: unknown

Hi, I’m trying to setting up a new RF 433MHz door sensor (binary sensor) using Sonoff RF-Bridge. The RF-Bridge is using TASMOTA and sending the code to HA and is really received by Mosquitto Broker. HA is the latest version (2023.04.1 / 10.1) running on a VM.
The problem is that the binary sensor does not change the state and always shows as UNKNOWN even after restarting HA several times. I’ve been modifying the code as several YouTube videos found and still no success to get this thing running. Any suggestion is welcome, thanks.

Here is what I have until now:
Sonoff RF-Bridge receives the sensor signal, two codes, one for the open state and one for the closed state.

Mosquitto Broker in HA receives the message:

For the binary sensor creation in the configuration.yaml

    - name: "Office door"
      state_topic: "tele/RF-Bridge01/RESULT"
      value_template: "{{value_jason.RfReceived.Data}}"
      payload_on: "3BBA0A"
      payload_off: "3BBA0E"
      device_class: door
      qos: 1

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: