Binary Sensor device class for Air Conditioner

Now that the HA version as of 2021.12.3 no longer supports “running” as a device class for binary sensors, what can I use to indicate whether an Air Conditioner is running or not? This is just a binary on/off sensor that detects when the A/C is enabled. There are lots of device classes available, but I don’t see one really appropriate for this type of device. Cool vs. Normal just doesn’t do it. Cool/Off would work, but that’s not an option. If there was an On/Off choice that would work well for this binary switch. Is there an option to change the description of the state in Lovelace that I’m not aware of?

You’re saying the documentation is no longer correct?

Sorry, I could have sworn it was in the release notes for 2021.12.3. My apologies of thinking it wasn’t working, as I can use it currently.