Binary Sensor - Door Open automation state - retriggers on close

My binary sensors are passed from my alarm panel (envisalink) but are just binary sensors.
on / off open/closed.

When my door open its changes state from closed to open. Triggers Alex and sends SMS. Awesome!

BUT when the door closes it triggers again. I can see that it does go closed then open for probably 10-15 seconds before saying closed for a final time. I know I can put a delay in but it would need to be about 20 seconds and I prefer an instant notification without delay.

Is this a solvable issue? I would appropriate any help. Thank you.

You could have the automation turn itself off, and then another one that turns it on once the door has been closed for more than X seconds.

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So just so I fully understand

Door Opens - Sensor goes from closed to Open
As long as the door is open it stays open
when you close the door to goes to closed, but then immediately goes back to open for 10-15 seconds and the stays closed?

So you have multiple open close sensors? Do they all do that? It sounds like something not working right to me. I’m not failir with the envisalink system. Is it an intrgration? or are you using MQTT?

Edit: But I do love the idea that @Tinkerer mentions. I may steal that for a few of my automations. :wink:

Really odd.
If thats how i read it too. Could fix with a trigger node in nodered, but if this is the case something else is fundamentally wrong.

Thats a good idea, it adds a layer of complexity that I would have figure out and test.

Here is the order of operations:

  1. Door binary sensor status: off (closed) and
    Door is physically closed.
  2. Door is physically opened, sensor changes immediately to on (open)
    This will stay in the on / open state while the door is open.
  3. Door is physically closed:
    State changes to off / closed for about 2 seconds then reverts to on / open for about 20 seconds before going back to off / closed. It will then stay in the closed / off status until opened again.

Yes I have multiple sensors that do this.
My sliding glass door and front door both do the same thing.
Envisalink is an integration and it works well, I’ve been using it in HA for over 2 years. I can set my alarm and disarm through HA. No MQTT or Zwave its all directly connected through my DSC panel.

This causes me to get door opening alerts when opening and closing my door. I’ve lived with it for a couple of years now (one of my first automation) but I’d like to fix it if possible.
We have young kids and I’d rather not but a 30 second delay on the open status.

I’ve gotten away with never using nodered. If possible I want to stay with the HA automatons.

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I also have not had to use node red. While I do think it’s pretty cool, I think that @Tinkerer has probably given the best solution.

Add a service call for

at the end of your door automation that turns it self off when the door opens.

Then create a second automation that turns on the automation, when door state changes to closed for 25 seconds (maybe 30 seconds to be safe)

The only issue you could have, which is prob an edge case, is if the door was open, closed and then opened again, a few seconds later and you really wanted the automation to run that quick. :wink:

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I never HAD to use NodeRed but personal preference find it far easier for basic stuff and obviously visually easier to see. While adding complexity and another component and I can see why adding another factor would be off putting to some, HA itself is aggregating a bunch of other things so one more didnt seem to be a big deal.
2 big things I prefer w/ NodeRed is that you can see the traffic in realtime for an automation when troubleshooting or working on one and you can inject midstream w/ the inject node to trigger automations which is incredibly convenient.
And while there are probably mutliple creative solutions to this problem, most of them involve additional automations…and while I wouldnt suggest setting up NodeRed just to fix this problem, a simple trigger node would solve it.
But again something else is fundamentally wrong w/ how these sensors are working on close.

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Thank you very much for your help. I will test tonight.

This worked EXTREMELY well. Thank you so much.

I have to say I’m a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t find a logical solution with just scripting myself.