Binary Sensor for Automation

Hi! I’ve started using HA yesterday, so this is a very basic question. In automations, I have added an automation, that starts my radio in the morning, every monday to friday. Instead, I’d like to start it every workday, excluding holidays.

I found a “binary_sensor” that returns True, if it’s a workday, False if not:

  • plaform: workday
    country: AT
    workdays: [mon, tue, wed, thu, fri]

…this works nicely and gives me a binary sensor. My automation looks like this:

Trigger is set to “Time”, “Fixed Time”, At time 7:30 am
Action is set to “Play Media” with the corresponding parameter.

…how do I setup the workday condition? Something with Condition type State, I guess? Or numeric state? What else?


You have to add a condition to your automation:

    condition: state
    entity_id: <your_binary_sensor>
    state: "on"
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Perfect, thank you!