Binary_sensor.key? Anyone know what these are?

In my dev states panel I have two sensors that suddenly showed up one day and I have no idea where or how.

They are always off and I can’t seem to track them back to some platform or device. I thought that they may be security keys for ZWave, but I’ve never set up anything in secure mode so I don’t think that’s the case.

Any ideas or has anyone else seen this?

binary_sensor.key_1	off	friendly_name: Key #1
binary_sensor.key_2	off	friendly_name: Key #2

Bumping this as no one replied. Anyone have any idea what these might be?


Turns out that during the testing of the Wink updates for 0.37 I discovered that these were the two keys that I had set up for my Schlage lock in Wink. They trigger on once they are used to open the lock. This can be useful in triggering a specific automation tied to a specific user, like a greeting or a script.

Just wanted to update and close this in case anyone else finds the same thing and can’t track it back. It wasn’t originally in the docs.