Binary sensor not in circle

I have updated my old HA version and I have modified the config.yaml because it was not compatible anymore and now the sensors shows up in a circle, even if I declare them into a group. If I customize the binary sensor, the mdi icon shows up into the circle, the name under the circle, but it does not mark at all the state on/off.
My customization is the following:

      icon: mdi:thermometer
      friendly_name: Temperature

and my group is like this:

    name: Weather
    view: yes
      - sensor.pws_temp_c

Something wrong here? How to show them similar with switches and made their state readable in the UI ?

Here is an example of what I mean:

  • all sensors are in their circles only
  • sensor names are not easy to read
  • binary sensor value is not shown, user have to click on the icon to find out the state

I also would like to change the title “Home Assistant” into a name of loation, is it possible?

Thank you

I find out: sensors declared into their own group (hidden group) and then use this grou inside others.