Binary Sensor Work Profile

I have enabled Work Mode with the Shelter App on my CAT S62 Pro.
Now, regardless off the switch (personal/work) the sensor ist permanently in “off”-state

Any thoughts?


I think you need to enable work mode on android itself and not with an app.

That is what I also thought.
But work profile is clearly enabled at the device.

I wonder if it‘s still a difference between enabling it by an app or remote management?

Here‘s HAs history of the sensor.

the app depends on android to notify with an intent that the managed profile is either available or not

According to android docs this intent is only sent to the primary user on the device, are you the primary user?

Yes, I am logged in as owner and „multiple users“ is switched off.

check Configuration > Companion App > Show and Share logs to see if there is a failure occurring or even if the intent is being fired by android…make sure to reproduce before checking the logs