Binary sensors don't show status changes in UI

Hello everyone!

I have some problems with my binary sensors in Lovelace.
They are motion and door sensors. I can use them in automations and they work right. But for some reason their status don’t change in lovelace.
I don’t know if it could be related but badges associated to these sensors appears with the circle in blue instead of red.

Does anyone have any idea what the reason may be?

Thanks in advance!

got a screenshot of what you’re talking about?

I mean the blue badges. When I activate the sensors the states don’t change.
However, in a entity card the states of those sensor are updated correctly.

And this is what appears for some of them in the developer tools.

The little icon should change - they look “on” to me - the icon shows the stick figure walking/running. When the entity is “off” both the legs should be on the floor.

EDIT The motion one is mdi:run and the other is (I think) mdi:walk

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PS I hadn’t noticed before that some badges have a blue ring, some red. Is the difference between binary_sensor - blue and sensor - red?

I think the color difference is for that reason.
I have verified that clicking on the badges the popup that appears shows the status changes, but the icons doesn’t change at all.

That is odd. Can you try clearing your browser cache? ctrl-f5.

Yes, I have done it but doesn’t work. In the android app happens the same, the icons don’t change.

It’s strange. A few months ago I was testing home assistant in a different installation and the same sensors were displaying the changes correctly.