Binary Trend Sensor not triggering

Hey folks

I wonder if anyone has experience of trend sensors? I have a slightly dodgy switch on my boiler, and I want to know if the temperature is still rising after Hassio things it has sent the off command (basically triggering an alert).

I have set up a sensor as follows:

  - platform: trend
        entity_id: sensor.livingroom_temp_temperature
        min_gradient: 0.000333333333

But, I’m seeing these results… Am I missing something obvious?

  • The temperature is rising fast (meaning my boiler switch has failed) but the trend sensor is showing as Temp Rising Off… it does work sometimes, as you can see.
  • Temperature has risen 19.3-20.7 in one hour.
  • I’ve set the sensor to trigger at 1.2 degree rise per hour (1.2/(60*60))


You need to lower your minimum gradient.


(string)(Optional)The minimum rate at which the observed value must be changing for this sensor to switch on. The gradient is measured in sensor units per second.

The gradient you show is less than your specified minimum gradient (0.00029 is less than 0.00033) therefore the binary sensor will be off.


Thanks for replying - so very obvious, but for some reason I was assuming the length of the sample was longer than the default second…