Bind assist pipeline aliases to Areas

This is a continuation of Bind Voice Assist device to an area

Currently, actual entities are Area-aware. However Aliases are not.

Consider the following setup:

Two areas, called “Basement” and “Bedroom”
Two voice assist satellites, one in “Basement” and one in “Bedroom”
Two scenes, called “Basement: Lights on” in the “Basement” area, and “Bedroom: Lights on” in the “Bedroom” area.

Presumably, I could add the simple alias “lights on” to each of these scenes as exposed in the assist pipeline, so that I can speak only “lights on” to either voice sattelite, and this should work. But it does not. Neither event properly fires and I get back “multiple devices match”.

If an alias is added to an entity, that alias should be bound to the same area as the entity, and function the same way in assist pipelines, i.e. be aware of the area and respond to that awareness. Similarly, the same alias should be able to be added to multiple entities that are in different areas, and work based on this context.

I disagree and object profusely

An Alias or intent trigger should always override an area… Let’s keep it that way