Binding Hue bulbs and dimmers to Conbee II and Deconz (Solved)

I’ve seen reports that it is possible to bind Hue bulbs and dimmer switches to Conbee but can’t find any reference to the process so would really appreciate a link to how to do this.

The reason is that my mains power died yesterday - off for 7 hours after about 8 1-second power flicks as the power company’s recloser tried to reset the power. Unfortunately these flicks and the long break have played havoc with my lights - the Hue hub lost it’s programming and I had to do a factory reset. All the Ikea Tradfri bulbs I had linked to it are proving a nightmare to reconnect, too, so I’m considering moving the whole lot to the Conbee.



It is just buttons in the deconz interface, more or less the same process as the hue hub

I have Hue a Hue light and the philps dinner

what i did fire up the deConz in a Browser

add a Group

click the edit

click manage lights

now we have the ZigBee in the right state

plu the light in and power it on
press the 1 and 0 and hold ready close to it (think the light flash
now back to the web page and click the “Add new Light”

wait and pray should find it

This bit is off top of head
now back to HA in a Differance tab

configuration -> Integrations

if if does not pop up hit the orange PLUS
look for the deCONZ Zigbee gateway click the >

now tab back to the deCONZ web page
got Gateway Advanced and click the Authenticate app

tab back to Ha and think you hit update

took me a couple of goes in HA to get it link

now the dimmer

think I hit the setup on the back of dimmer and in the Phoscon app added it as a switch

this does not get add as a switch in HA

goto the EVENTS page and put put deconz_event in teh Listening to

note the id and data

now the HA automation

- alias: 'Toggle lounge from dimmer'
  initial_state: 'on'
    platform: event
    event_type: deconz_event
      id: dimmer_switch
      event: 1002
    service: light.toggle
    entity_id: light.lounge

now when i press the switch it toggle the lounge light

there are 8 switches on the remote 4 presses and 4 long presses

hope this help

see clear as mud

Thank you both. @myle those screenshots etc. were so helpful and I now have it sorted.


cool bro we are here to help

One downside of this seems to be that you can’t set the Power On behaviour. Pity because the other aspects of this integration are SOOO much neater and easier than the Hue approach!

I just found another way to pair the HUE bulbs with my HA.
Using the ConBee II stick (deCONZ), follow the procedure below:

! please note, I have the ConBee II stick in an USB port in my computer, HA is connecting to the ConBee over the network to my PC.

  1. connect to the webpage of de stick (http://<ip_addres>/pwa
  2. search for lights using the Add new lights function on the web page
  3. remove the light from the HUE app <-- this is important
  4. turn the light off
  5. turn the light on
  6. ConBee will find the light and add it to your setup

this has worked for me with all my HUE bulbs (LWB010 and LWB006)

I now have the following devices successfully paired with my ConBee II:

I still need to add some IKEA Tradfri GU10 sportlights and then all my ZigBee devices have moved over to my ConBee II stick.