Binding lights with switches: state changes not reflected in UI (ZHA)

Since I was having a lot of problems controlling 10+ Zigbee lights with Zigbee switches, I have now bound all the switches to the lights they should control using ZHA’s binding feature. This worked perfectly, the connection is now much more reliable than before.

Now I’m facing a new problem: when I change the state of the lights with the switches, the change is not always reflected in the Home Assistant UI. I can’t see any pattern here, it seems completely random. For example:

  • I have a group of lights with two bulbs from the same manufacturer, but different sizes. One of these always shows the correct state in the UI, while the other never does. Since this seems to be consistent, it looks like a hardware incapability, which is odd because the bulbs are from the same brand.

  • In another group, where I also have the same bulbs, the behaviour is more inconsistent. There are bulbs that sometimes show up with the correct state in the UI and sometimes not. This looks more like a connection/network stability issue.

  • In a third group, I use ceiling lights of a different brand and type. These NEVER reflect their state change in the UI.

Does anyone have some more experience with bindings and possibly some ideas that could lead to a solution here?