- Integrate Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Data into Home Assistant! Beta Testers Needed!

Hello all!

Several of our team members, including myself, have been long time Home Assistant users and therefore we wanted to share and gather feedback for our new service with the Home Assistant community first, before we shared it anywhere else!

BitFetch is an API service that provides free & paid plans to access cryptocurrency market data from multiple exchanges, across hundreds of trading pairs. The API is uniform, so you don’t need one integration for Coinbase, and another for Binance and the responses are lightning fast. We plan to add more exchanges and data sources quickly, if you have a request, we’d LOVE to hear it!

During development, our entire team was using BitFetch APIs in Home Assistant in their own homes for everything from displaying the price of Ethereum in lovelace, to my project, having an RGB LED lightbulb change colors and brightness based on the price of Bitcoin.

BitFetch is brand new, the website was just finished this week, but the APIs have been in development for months. We thought the Home Assistant community was a great place to show off what we have built, find any potential bugs, and give back to the HA community.

Our 100% FREE plan was built with HA users in mind! For any HA users that need more data and more API Credits, we’re happy to offer HA users our PRO plan as well for free for multiple months in exchange for your feedback, just send us a message here on the HA forums and we will upgrade your account.

We have plans to create a custom component for HA (if the great developers in this community do not beat us to it first!), we would even be thrilled to see BitFetch supported natively in HA at some point in the future. But for now we will simply share my project that uses Node Red to update an RGB LED bulb based on the price of BTC every second.
Custom Component Now Available! See Below.

BitFetch was built for application developers, website owners, etc to show crypto data, but as passionate members of the HA community that automate every tiny thing around our homes, we want to fully support the individual HA user as well, and listen to your feedback.

We’d love to hear any and all feature requests, bugs found, or any other feedback. We’ll be monitoring this thread closely and are happy to answer any questions regarding the RGB Lightbulb project or any others you can think of!

BitFetch API Documentation:
BitFetch Website: Custom Component is now available! We got some great feedback in the last 24 hours from HA users and the question we got most was “When will the custom component be ready!?”

Due to that feedback, one of our Engineers dedicated his Friday afternoon to learning how to build an HA component, and how to make it available on HACS.

Now, to use BitFetch in Home Assistant you simply need to:

  1. Get a FREE API Key by signing up at
  2. Add the repository as a custom repo in HACS (category: Integration)
  3. Install BitFetch via HACS
  4. Add something like this to your configuration.yml:
  - platform: bitfetch
    pair: BTCUSD
    api_key: 9f86d081884c7d659a2feaa0c55ad015a3bf4f1b2b0b822cd15d6c15b0f00a08 
    scan_interval: 1

Restart HA and you’ll have a brand new sensor you can use anywhere in HA!

More detailed Instructions:

As always, we’re interested in hearing your feedback, suggestions, bug, reports, etc!