Bitfocus companion add-on

Hi all,

I am probably capable of mashing together the files to make the bitfocus companion docker image into an add-on, but I am unable to maintain it long term, I am sure there is a way of automating it? Is someone better at this than me able to make bitfocus companion into a ha os add-on? :slight_smile:

It allows for control of a number of things, namely professional AV things that I wish for control of.

And also allows using stream decks as physical input devices.



I think that is great idea, I personally have PI4 just for the Bitfocus companion only, and then have Yellow for HA, I can help with $ contribution, unfortunately cant with technical side.


I tried to make the Bitfocus Companion Docker image into a HA Addon but never quite figured it out. It would be excellent to have.

The Stream Deck HA plugin might be a good place to reference: basnijholt/home-assistant-streamdeck-yaml-addon: Home Assistant Stream Deck YAML Add-on :video_game: (
It auto-detects a Streamdeck if it’s plugged into the same machine that HA is running on. Although even without a Streamdeck there’d still be heaps of uses for Companion.

You could automate it updating with Github Actions, although I know very little about it.
The only two config options we’d likely need is the config path and Web port.

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Thanks for the info! There’s probably enough now that we can beg @squishykid to look into it for us :innocent:

Preferably, i’d also have the remote option. My HA server is in my pantry, but i want my controller in my office, all the way down the hallway.