Biticino integration Zigbee2mqtt commands

Hi, I’ve integrated my bticino switches and plugs via zigbee2mqtt, the devices have a led, that got a colour blue when they are connected via bticino gateway and red when they are unconnected, but using a conbee as gateway the led has off status as default. I would send a command to set the led colour but I do not know if is it possible and how to do it.
Please, could you help me?

Devices model: BTicino K4003C/L4003C/N4003C/NT4003C

Same question… Thanks

I found the solution! (in reality someone else found the solution and gave it to me) you can publish the command through developer tools, service, MQTT: Publish.
The command is the following:

service: mqtt.publish
  topic: zigbee2mqtt/FRIENDLY_NAME/set
  payload: '{"led_when_on": "ON", "permanent_led": "ON"}'
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Perfect! Thanks a lot!!