Bitwarden and IOS 15

I want to start using Bitwarden on Home Assistant but I run into a problem using the Bitwarden app on IOS 15.
I specified in settings as url: (being the IP address of Bitwarden on Hassio) but I keep getting the message that it is not a trusted site.
I do not use external access on my servers. I could possibly use my own VPN server for access from outside my own network.
I have found my fullchain.pem file and available but I can’t find anywhere how to copy it properly to my iPhone or iPad so I can use the Bitwarden app with my own vault. Somehow I need to get a CA.crt or something similar into IOS 15.
Has anyone found an explanation or can someone explain how I get it working? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has run into this? I may be willing to make a detailed description for others afterwards. I use Home Assistant OS 6.6 with core-2021.11.1
And if this is already explained somewhere here on the site I’m sorry. I couldn’t find it.

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I’m also facing this.
have u found the solution

Any news on this?