Bitwarden can't download attached files

Noticed that you can’t download attached files from the vault. Opened a bug report here: for the full version of Bitwarden shows this to be an issue with ./bwdata/env/global.override.env but I’m not sure how to get into this file to edit it.

Using the Developer Console you can see https://localhost/attachment/… when trying to open an attachment. Opening other links gives https://[serverurl]:7272/attachment/…

Hoping someone else knows how to edit the file above, or wait for the excellent Devs to fix?

Figured this out with some help from github - you need to check the admin console and ensure the Domain URL is not set to localhost.

I have the same problem with attachment donwloads. which URL did you setup? I have tried with with or without port but I have still problems for download the attachments

It depends where you’re accessing BW from. If from the internet then it’s the external host name for your domain (myduckdns) https://:[port] for example:

But - if you’re accessing this from your local network only then the above will fail as this will resolve to your external IP. In this case you’ll either need to:

  1. Configure your local DNS server to give the local IP of your HA instance to the above myduckdns domain - or -
  2. In the admin panel, enter the IP if your HA device

I have option 1 configured and it works really well. But also, personally, I didn’t want Bitwarden exposed to the internet as I use a VPN service.

Most people are using their router to provide DNS, you might want to consider changing this to one of the HA addons. But be weary of what happens when your HA instance is down. But that’s another thread…


Are you able to elaborate on how you did this? I am so close to having this fixed.

Is it something I need to setup on Unifi?


If your DNS server can have overrides (or hosts files) then use this to give the local IP of the HA server. For instance:
HA FQDN: homeassistant

Internet FQDN for HA:

When you ping from your home network, DNS will give you the 65. IP - you want to override this so it’s the 192. IP address. This all depends if your home router / firewall supports this. I use an ASUS router running ASUSMerlin which does.

Hope that helps, a bit.