Bitwarden extension hanging web ui?

I think the bitwarden extension for Microsoft Edge is causing the web UI to hang. When I click around to other tabs for HA, it hangs the browser. I disabled the Bitwarden extension and it seems to work. Anyone else seeing this and know of a way to fix it?


I’m seeing this too!! Kudos on narrowing it down to Bitwarden! I was lost on why my dashboards just started freezing up on the frontend today. The extension was updated yesterday it seems. Disabling it seems to have stopped the freezing for now

Yes, same here. Works fine if I disable bitwarden. Instant hang when re-enabled.

Logged as an issue on their github.
[macos 2024.6.0 some websites stalls if extension is active · Issue #9617 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub]

Setting the extension site access to ‘on click’ at least allows it to work on other sites.

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Seeing the same here, great catch on the extension!! Was digging into it after realizing it worked find in Chrome and figured I’d look here. Same behavior. Disable it or turn the extension to on click and pages are responsive again. This just started. If you look at the task manager when the page is unresponsive you see that service_worker.js is just chewing CPU time…

Good to know it’s not me. Guess we have to wait for a fix from them.

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Nice work to whoever narrowed this down to home assistant with Bitwarden. I’ve just spent a while trying to work out why my dashboard kept freezing, and you’re right - disabling the Bitwarden extension resolves the problem.

But I regularly use both, so let’s hope it’s not difficult to fix.

Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy… I can confirm that it is indeed due to incompatibility between HA and Bitwarden.

Same here. Kudos for discovering this.

Same issue here. I’m installing my new PC and got this same issue (with Chrome instead of Edge). At first I really didn’t understand it, because on my old laptop the same combination (Windows 11, Chrome, Bitwarden extension) works like a charm. Because I’m still installing stuff, I completely started over and the problem started after installing the Bitwarden extension.

Edit: On the Home Assistant github there is a (closed) issue with a workaround that works for me. With this workaround you can have Bitwarden installed and enabled:

A workaround has been posted over at the Bitwarden forum. With your home assistant dashboard open, right click on the extension and select “This can read and change site data > When you click on extension”.

Seems to be working for me. Once they post a fix you can revert this setting.


This workaround fixed it for me too! Thanks!

The newest version corrects this problem and the workaround should no longer be necessary.

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