Bizarre MQTT behavior

I am suddenly getting some strange behavior with my MQTT setup.

I have 2 Raspberry Pi’s. One is running Hassbian and the other is acting as the Mosquitto MQTT Broker.

I have some Hue Dimmer switches and am running the Hue-MQTT-Bridge as a way of integrating them into Home Assistant and everything has been working fine.

However now I cannot get Home Assistant to respond to the Hue Dimmers. I can subscribe to the MQTT topic on the MQTT Broker and can see the messages being received from the dimmers. I have also enabled Home Assistant MQTT logging but for some reason the messages are not being picked up in the log. I have some other devices using MQTT in a similar manner and these are appearing in the Home Assistant log.

I cannot get my head around what the problem could be. Any ideas please?

I’d check the Mosquitto log to make sure HA is subscribing to the topics. On my RPi, I use the following command to monitor the Mosquitto log

sudo tail -f /var/log/mosquitto/mosquitto.log

You may also want to configure Mosquitto to maintain verbose logs while you debug…

I feel such an idiot. It would appear that all the automations that were triggered by the MQTT messages were disabled. I wonder how that happened :wink:

An update probably. Search in the foum, its much discussed