Bizarre problem whereby home/away is not following the group anymore, and just one device tracker in it

This is kind of related to this thread I started earlier. I seem to be having quite a lot of trouble since a power cut the other day. Basically my main issue now is that a group I use for setting presence is no longer following the logic that if one device tracker is home, the group is home, but only if both are away, is the group away. Any ideas why this might be?!
At the moment the group is simply following the fortunes of my life360 device tracker and ignoring my bluetooth tracker.

How a group determines it’s state is actually quite complicated. If you care about the state of the group, then you should include in the group only entities who have the same binary states, such as on/off, home/not_home, open/closed, locked/unlocked or problem/ok. Once you mix entities – such as ones whose states are home/not_home with ones whose states are on/off – or you have entities who have other states – such as device_trackers whose states can be zone names – then all bets are off.

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