Blackvue dashcams

Hi all

Looking to get a cloud enabled blackvue dash cam and noticed it had an api with what looks like decent documentation

So I was wondering if that could be integrated into home assistant to maybe download video files automatically, grab gps data or even view live video? Potentially have an idea to use in car Wi-Fi to achieve always on connection

Anyone got any pointers on how this can be achieved? Happy to have a crack at it if anyone has a template of some sort

Thanks in advance

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This is a really cool idea. I’m not sure about always on wifi, but you could log the data locally in the car and transfer when you get within range of your home. Or you could try to make an app that consumes the data and sends it back to HA in real time. I’m going to look into getting one of these since they have such a nice API. Hope you can get something put together.

Exactly there’s a few possibilities here with home assistant at the helm. Essentially making your car a part of your home automation without much retro fitting

If anyone has any templates I could work from from something similar (I’m not a developer however I am an IT professional) that would be great? failing that where’s the best place to stick in a feature request and leave it to the pros?


I’ll stick in feature request in the feature request section… doh! :roll_eyes:

Linky to feature request should you wish to vote

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Hi any updates on this development? I will really enjoy to get this working on HA .