Blank Node Errors

I have been importing some nodes lately to learn to do something and after messing around a bit I am getting this alert, which is caught by the “catch” node:

The following error has occurred in Node-Red inside Home Assistant:

Node Name:
Node ID:
Node Type:
Node Type:

I don’t know how I can go about finding this apparently non-existing node.

The email title is “Maintenance Alerts”, which is a topic that exists on a lot of nodes for notifications.

Anyone have any tips on how I can fix this?

click the gear in the upper right corner and see if there is something there.

Hmm I’m not sure what gear you are talking about; the hamburger menu?

I did look around there but I’m not sure what I’m looking for, and I didn’t find anything suspicious.

There’s the unused configuration nodes.

I checked all subflows for any hidden ones that may be around with an empty node and I didn’t find one.

I also checked for any hidden flows. I didn’t make changes to everything prior to this happening so there’s only a few suspected flows.

I also checked for the config nodes, but I don’t think this a config node anyway. I didn’t see anything suspicious there.

I tried to re-reploy everything, because I was only re-deploying nodes, maybe it’ll fix it.

Okay I think I am suspecting what is going on.

Since I am getting these emails via an email node, it’s probably not receiving the proper data from another node upstream and sending it as “blank”.

I’ll have to look at those in more detail.

Thank you.