Blank page when accessing grafana add-on externally, jumping logo in new tabs

Hello I run grafana plugin in Home Assistant VBOX version: Home Assistant Core: 2022.4.1, Home Assistant Supervisor: 2022.03.5, Grafana Current version: 7.5.2 in virutal in Ubuntu host. I could always access grafana locally and externally, I have vbox host’s IP in DMZ.
Recently, I can only access grafana on local network, but when I open HA from internet, I can see lovelace with empty iframe where graphana should be, with message “401: Unauthorized” and when I try to open grafana in left HA pane, I only get blank page.

I was also always able to copy “share” link from grafana dashboard and open it ine new chrome tab. Now the tabs that I had open few days ago still work and are fetchig data and displaying graphs, but when I copy/paste the link to new tab, it gets stuck at jumping grafana logo and nothing more. So there is problem with authorization of dashboard but not with actual data.

Grafana log says absolutely nothing, last message is from grafana boot:
logger=plugin.grafana-image-renderer t=2022-04-11T13:30:25.7+0200 lvl=warn msg=“Plugin process is running with elevated privileges. This is not recommended”

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