Blank screen login https

Hi. I just set up duckdns with let’s encrypt support enabled and mobile app now fails to login when using https URL. It prompts a white blank screen and freezes.
I have no problem when I acces HA from web browser. Neither I had problems logging in with mobile app when using HA without SSL.
What is wrong? I Also tried installing NGINX, bug It doesnt work neither

I have the same problem. When I connect from an external network, the application normally works ( But when I try to connect in local network at https: //192.168.x.x: 8123 the application freezes and the screen is blank. On my PC I normally log into HA in local network, only the certificate warning is displayed.

I have the exact same problem, did you ever figure that out ?

Hi Clovis_Divay,
Not yet solved :frowning:

Hi guys. I know this is not a solution to your problem, but I switched to NabuCasa and got everything working.
Although, while I was setting everything up, I still had the same promblem until I removed the http: section in the configuration.yaml file. It was where my remote connection with duckdns was set up and, I think, was causing the app to try and connect via duckdns while in the inner network.

Maybe investigate this way ?
Good luck !

If you have to accept the SSL cert in a browser it won’t work locally. Best to stick to external URL with a valid cert and enable NAT loopback on your rouer.

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I had the same issue when I tried switching to duck DNS. My mistake was not adding :8123 in URL within the app

I am administrator of home assistant and on my phone the app works perfect local and also with duck dns URL and nginx. The app on my wife’s phone installed it several times. When it’s connected local no problem. As soon as I fill in wifi in the app a’d external duck dns URL. The app on her phone crashes. When reopening app. Connection failed. Tried to go to settings on this screen. Bam app crashes…

in order to solve the crash issue we will need the crash logs from the device, I recommend clearing data and attempting to add in your instance with the external URL first then add in the wifi stuff later.

Filled only the external url. But still the same. Connection time out webpage and when try to do anything in her app. It crashes. Had to clear her data en cache from the app to reopen it again. Basicly the same as removing the app and reinstalling… Weird

What do you mean by crashing? Is the app closing or are you getting some pop-up? did you make sure to include http or https including the port number if you need it? screenshot or recording of the issue may be helpful

The app is closing. Even on her mobile webbrowser she isn’t able to connect to the duckdns URL (Local wifi nor 4G). On my phone it does but only when on 4g. When I reconnect to home wifi and go to the duckdns URL mine also won’t open in a normal browser. It seems my app can differentiate between local url and external. And hers only works with local address. But as soon as I fill duckdns URL in her app. It wants to connect to duckdns even on local wifi…

take a look at the tips in and see if any of that helps, your issue seems to be a local issue.

I will take a look at it. Thanks in advance

On the side note, her app always worked in the passed. Noting in my router nor LAN equipment changed. I updated home assistant and it worked on her phone for several days until today