Blank Screen on Login

I recently decided to try using an old phone to access HA’s new voice features as per this suggestion: Help to decide/understand the hardware for voice assistant - #2 by paddy0174
So I reset the phone without connecting it to a Google account and then installed the companion app using F-Droid. But when I select my HA instance, I’m just taken to a white screen with the HA logo. I get the same thing if I try to login using a browser on the phone.
The issues seems to be what is mentioned here: Troubleshooting | Home Assistant Companion Docs, but I don’t follow the fix that is being suggested (1) becuase there’s no indication of how to get the certificate you’re supposed to import and (2) becuase my HA isn’t using SSL, so I’m not even sure the certificate exists.
Any help would be appreciated.

I can’t remember how much a reset does affect, but you might need certain updates to the Android OS and its related apps to make it work. Especially Webview might be needing an update.

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you need to update android system webview to the latest version found in teh play store (and keep it up to date). If you have a custom ROM then you may have incompatible webview shipped and need to switch to Googles version and set it as the default.