Blauberg/Siku-Fan has no Control-Elements

Hello dear community,

I hope I’m in the right place here, if not, please feel free to move this post!

I have several “Blauberg” fans with heat recovery in my house. I would like to automate them to switch depending on the outside and inside temperatures, in order to cool the house as much as possible.

Now, there is a service not directly for “Blauberg” but for the brand “Siku”. I have added this service and was also able to add the fans directly since they are identical in construction.

I believe I have a misunderstanding, as I am new to Home Assistant, but I simply don’t know how to control the fans.

In the device overview, I only have “On/Off” as a control element, and as sensors, I have all the modes and directions that the fan has. But when I click on this control element, I have all the control options, but not as individual control options on, for example, a Lovelace dashboard…

I ask for clarification, I can imagine that I have a misunderstanding somewhere.

Thank you very much!