BLE capable SmartWatches / Fintess Trackers

Hi All,

i have setup presence detection based on using BLE and MQTT Room.
The BLE device I am using for detection is the Xiaomi Mi Band 4.
(I have tested BLE is working fine with Xiaomi Mi Band 2 & Xiaomi Mi Band 3, too)

Now my wife has the need to get a new smartwatch / fitness tracker, but would like to have a more…stylish one :stuck_out_tongue: . Unfortunately it is very hard to identify if a device is BLE capable.

Based on this my question to the community is:
Which SmartWatches / Fitness Trackers are you aware of being BLE capable?

I am thankful for any suggestion :+1:

The Mi Band 2 is discoverable by MQTT room, but the actual fitness tracker part itself is pretty garbage. You get what you pay for with that one.

Thanks for your reply - which fitness tracker are you using alternatively to the “garbage” of Mi Band 2?
Is it BLE Beacon capable? Because that was what I asked for :wink:

I am not using one, so I can’t recommend anything. Just wanted to share my frustration with the one I had.

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