BLE client bynary output customization

I’ve configured my HA as a client that is connected to a BLE server running on an external BLE ESP32 board:


  - mac_address: 34:94:54:xx:xx:xx
    id: ESP32_BLE_Remote

Than I’ve in my configuration a BLE Client Binary Output that can connect to a custom service/characteristic UUID defined on the BLE server:

  - platform: ble_client
    ble_client_id: ESP32_BLE_Remote
    service_uuid: '4fafc201-1fb5-459e-8fcc-c5c9c331914b'
    characteristic_uuid: 'beb5483e-36e1-4688-b7f5-ea07361b26a8'
    id: out_ble

Finally I’v definied a switch like this:

  - platform: output
    name: "LED Rosso - Remote ESP32"
    output: 'out_ble'  


When I launch everything in the serial monitor of the remote ESP32 I can see this depending on whether the switch is ON or OFF:

Switch ON:

Switch OFF:

The question are :

  1. Which value is sent when the switch is ON ?

  2. Is it possible to configure the switch so that in the serial monitor of the ESP32 may I read i.e. “ON” and “OFF” instead the predefined values?
    Any idea?
    Thanks in advance.