Ble_client rssi incorrect copies data

Out of two itags each button works good but I noticed the rssi is being copied from the firt itag.

Notice on the chart Nother Green iTag RSSI is just a copy of Black iTag.

Again the buttons on the iTags work with each tag correctly just the rssi is bad.

  - platform: ble_client         
    type: rssi                       
    ble_client_id: itag_black
    name: "Black iTag RSSI"

  - platform: ble_client
    type: rssi
    ble_client_id: green_itag
    name: "Nother Green iTag RSSI"


So far no matter what iTag is sending the rssi all rssi entites will pick up the signal and report them as there own.
If the green is present both green and black report greens rssi.
If the black is the only one present both black and green report blacks rssi.f