BLE proxy with miscale?

  1. I flashed a generic ESP32 using Chrome at ESPHome Bluetooth Proxy
  2. After it is shows up my HA’s ESPHome, I clicked the Adopt button
  3. After that, HA’s Device page detected it and I assigned it to an area
  4. What I can’t quite figure out is, will it automatically detect my miscale when I step on it?
  5. Or do I have to do some extra things?
  6. I just want to capture my weight whenever I step on the miscale weighing machine

Thank you

Yep Same here. I can’t add Xiaomi BLE as no Bluetooth devices are detected. Looking at the BLE logs I can not see the Mi Scale “pinging” but I can see (but not add) the Xiaomi Nightlight MJYD2S.

How do we add these devices. It’s such a simple request but there’s no info I can find to say this are the simple steps :slight_smile:

In the end, I had to edit the code for my esp32 via HA’s ESPHome tab

  - platform: xiaomi_miscale
    mac_address: 'XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX'
      name: "Xiaomi Mi Scale Weight"
      id: weight_miscale

Can’t recall where I found the answer though.