BLE Scan to Open Cover

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I’m using this software with a raspberry p0 and some NUT BLE Dongle to open my gate when i arrive with the car and it works very well but i have this problem and i’m tryng to ask here hoping that someone can give me some hints:

Actually i have one raspberry at the gate and the gate opens when the nut is detected from bt-mqtt-gateway. after enter the gate i can park the car near the bt-mqtt-gateway receiver or also in the garage and the problem is here: the garage is too distant from the bt-mqtt-gateway and sometimes the nut disconnects and reconnects causing the gate to open, even with high not home delay…

This happens because the distance beetwen the raspberry receiver and the garage is too much.
So i’m thinking to put a second raspberry in the garage but i don’t know how to manage it in the automation…

if someone have some suggestions… please help me :slight_smile:

Sorry for my bad bad english :slight_smile:

Take a look at room assistant. I use it myself on multiple pis around the house. The software determines in which room (closest to which pi) the Nut mini is based on the signal strength.

i alredy looked everywere and bt-mqtt-gateway is the best solution for me… so i prefer to stay with this software…

Ok I understand. I think the best would be to post your current automation.

My automation actually with only one tracker is this:

-  alias: Cancello Giulietta
       platform: state
       entity_id: device_tracker.giulietta
       to: "home"
   - condition: state
     entity_id: 'cover.garage_door'
     state: 'closed'
   - service: cover.open_cover
     entity_id: cover.garage_door

it is fine with only one tracker and it will be also fine with the second tracker to only open the gate when the car is at the gate. the problem is that the trigger of this automation is the fist receiver that is the one that when the car is in the garage make trouble due to poor signal…
I don’t know how to integrate the secondo receiver

I’m clear enough? I do not speak English very well :slight_smile:

As far as I understand this is an issue that needs to be solved on the bt-mqtt-gateway side not on the HA side. I don’t know bt-mqtt-gateway, but could you not just make the second pi post the messages to the same topic and then the device_tracke.giulietta will always stay home when it is connected to either of the pis?

i solved the situation in a very easy way. i created 2 device tracker for each car and then used a for every car and combinet the two device tracker to the person :slight_smile:

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