BLE Transmitter in HA Companion App

Hi, I’m planning to use my phone, OnePlus 7 Pro as the BLE beacon with esp32 board. There is BLE transmitter setting in the HA companion app and I have set the transmitter power to high.
However, my esp32 doesn’t seem to see the phone’s bluetooth connection.

Is anyone has successfully using the BLE feature in the app?

Thanks in advance.

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I want to do the same and am in same boat. Can’t see HA app beacon UUID of redmi note 9 pro 5g in Esphome logs. Transmitting power set to high. Esp32 is nearby. Added UUID etc to Esphome config in hope that it might force it somehow, but no luck.

I think we need to wait for this. iBeacon support for ble_presence by ignisf · Pull Request #1627 · esphome/esphome · GitHub

Yes, it is the exact same problem I’m facing. Based on the esphome logs, it can’t see the phone at all.