Blebox platform integration

Hi Everyone,

After few, very successful hacks and automations with both zigbee and zwave components, time come for me to extend my home with smart covers. I went with cover controller available on the EU market, but unfortunately there was no platform integration/component for it available, written with the HA in mind.

I started to hack around it, and today uploaded the first version on my github. In the future I would like to extend it with their other products, as their HTTP API is very simple.

At the moment unfortunately I hard coded the configuration, which is just the pairs of name and ip, in the becuse I struggle with passing the config from configuration.yaml to __init__py, and down to the

Also - I know I should do the Python package to wrap the API requests, but please, one problem at the time :slight_smile:

The documentation for the cover is here
The repository of my custom component is available here

I’m very open for constructive critique, my goal is to polish that component, any help is nice to see :slight_smile:

Blebox is now integrated as native service and you should that one (as do I). I’m not an author of official blebox integration.