Blind Control Based on the Sun Sunrise, Sunset, and Tracking?

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Hello Everyone,
I’m new to the Home Assistant environment but it’s been very interesting discovering this program. I currently have a Samsung Smartthings Hub V3 with a connected Lutron hub with serval lights and blinds. I have connected the Samsung Smartthings hub to the Home Assistant program, which allows me to see and control all the devices manually. I was thinking of taking the next step and try setting up my blinds to open and closed based on the sun’s position. Looking to open them at sunrise and then automatically adjusting them as the sun moves throughout the day. I have a West and East facing townhome, so an example of operation would Westside open at sunrise, all open during midday, the Westside close during sunset, and then all close at a chosen time at night. The blinds are the Serena roller shades, which are operated off of batteries, so I’m looking for minimal movement operations to save on batteries. Wondering if someone new of a current template I could use or if some could give me any tips or tricks on creating a such SEQ. I’m new with Home Assistant.

Thanks everyone.

This should actually go in #configuration:blueprints

THe only thing you can do is to wade thru the blueprints section and see if you can find an existing blueprint that does what you want.

If you can’t find one I recommend digging into the automation documentation on the HA website and try to work out one that does what you want. You can also look at the multitude of automations posted in the forums to try to get a feel for how automations are supposed to work. More recent ones are better to look at.

If you get stuck you can always come back to the forum (in a new thread) and ask for assistance. But you’ll need to at least try to get started on your own first.

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Can’t help you with a blueprint but I have an automation doing something like this based on azimuth of the sun component which I check every 5 minutes like this;

- alias: Close blinds based on azimut
    platform: time_pattern
    minutes: 5

    condition: and
      - condition: template
        value_template: "{{ states.sun.sun.attributes.azimuth | int  < 280 }}"
      - condition: template
        value_template: "{{ states.sun.sun.attributes.azimuth | int  > 120 }}"

You can add several other conditions like weather, temperature, home/not home, etc.

Thanks. I will start with this suggestion.