Blinder state vs. light switch

Hello. If 2 specific blinders go down, i would like to turn on 2 lights in this area. So this is my automation:


  • 2 Blinders will go down. Controlled by RaspberryMatic. Threshold: Azimut lower then -2,75.



  • Automation Trip type: “Condition”
  • Entity: cover.‘SoFarOnlyOneOfTheBlinders’
  • To: “closed”


  • Type: “State”
  • Entity: ‘IBuildAMobilePhoneGroup’
  • State: “home”


  • Type: “Device”
  • Device: “Hallway”
  • Action: “Turn on Hallway”

BUT here is my problem:
I thought, that the blinder change his state from ‘open’ to ‘closed’ if they hit the lower stopp piont and the light turns on. But it is the other way around! The light doesnt turn on if it is dark and the blinder goes down, they turn on if it is in the morning, bright and the blinder ist in the state “closed” and move from closed to open. Why the hell? What did I not understand?