Blinds - buttons


I’ve started with Hass and I can’t find how to make two buttons:
“Acivate/deactivate” which is condition if blinds shoud be closed/opened or not in automation script. Now I have input_boolean and its state is veryfing, but I’d like to have something like this:

To open/close my blinds I use relays which are connected to gpio ports on raspi. Now I have two separate sliders (open and close) and now I’d like have two buttons/slider in one like this “garagdeget large”:

Can you provide me any links how to configure this two buttons? Any ideas? Any hints? :wink:
Thanks in advance

same want two use curtain connected to GPIO curtain use 3 inputs open close & stop

can you share more details i also have two curtains i want to use seprate GPIO pins or Node MCU’s GPIO pin VIA mqtt to control close open and stop