Blinds card shows as open when closed and vice versa

Is there a way to reverse just the words OPEN and Closed on entities card?

As you can see in the attached photos my blinds are closed and both the arrows and slider show closed, but the words show as Open.

Can this be changed?

Was hoping there was a way.

i think you’d have to create a template cover that wraps your real one.

you might want to add a vote to this:

That looks like a bug to me. What you are showing is the “more-info” pop-up and it is showing the state of the cover entity, and its position and state are contradictory.
What kind of cover is this (ZWave, MQTT)?


Without going into a lot of detail, HA’s MQTT discovery is used to tell HA what MQTT messages are being used and what their definitions are for a device and its entities. ZigBee2MQTT is the source of these discovery messages and their definitions. These definitions include “state” (open/close). So I think somewhere along the way, ZigBee2MQTT has told HA that the cover position is 0 and has told HA that a position of 0 means open. So I think this is not a HA issue but a ZigBee2MQTT issue Debugging MQTT messaging would determine for sure.
There may be a configuration flag in ZigBee2MQTT for that cover to “invert” the state.

However I found this thread from another user that says configuring the inverted state didn’t help, but at least came up with a work-around that you might find useful:

Thanks for this. I also think it is a Z2M issue and I saw a bug report on the GitHub of someone having the issue as well and added a “metoo” post on it. Just not sure they will fix it.

But might try the template fix.