Southsea Honeycomb Blind Motion Bond Pro Bluetooth Integration

Hello everyone. I have been running HA for about a year. Currently on 2024.4.4 on a raspberry Pi 4.

I have 2 Honeycomb motorized blinds that I got from They are sold under the name Southsea and they use the CM-03 motor. It has the ability to use a remote or to use bluetooth connection. I can connect them to my phone using the motion bluetooth app.

Here you can see that I can set the amount of opening with the double arrow button. So I could set it to be 40% opened. It also reports the level of the battery.

I have tried the motion app that needs a hub, but it only works with the motion hub and not other hubs.

I have a BondPro hub that can connect to and control these blinds too.


Note here, the controls are very basic. No info about battery or can I set the opening percentage. Just open, close and stop buttons.

In HA I have a bluetooth integration

but I don’t know where the adapter is located. I suspect it is in my raspberry Pi


I also have several Shelly Plus Wall dimmers that have the ability to use bluetooth so maybe they are being used as a proxy?

I installed the Motionblinds Bluetooth integration into HA and was able to add my blinds to it (just one for testing).

You can see here that now I have 5 things I can see and set with the blind. These mimic the Motion Bluetooth app on my phone, however no data about the battery level. Unlike the Bond Pro, I can set the percentage of opening and closing

When I go to the developer tools and view states for these 5 different things, I can see the following

For the cover.f_entry_south there are supported features: 15

When I click on the entity to connect sometimes it changes and shows this (the blind was open 40%)

My goal is to be able to automate the setting of the blinds at a % during different times of the day. I would like to also see the battery level. Given that the app can report it, I would suspect that this data could be shown in HA.

One other issue is that when I use the BondPro integration to control the blinds the response is within 1 second. When I use the motion bluetooth integration it takes about 25 seconds. I am ok with the delay if I can get the other data (battery level and set opening percentage) in HA

I have tried the HomeKit Device integration and the matter integration but neither find the blinds so I think that these blinds do not support these options.

Sometimes when I try to control the blind via the motion bluetooth integration I get the following


or this


And the blind does not move. Would the bluetooth integration diagnostics output be helpful?

These blinds are available in the USA and I feel offer a high value for their price. They allow the blind to be controlled via toggle chain and they hide the battery inside the header unlike other blinds where it hangs off the back or is mounted on the wall. They offer the double cell blackout options and even top down bottom up for sizes over 35 inches I think. If they are under 19" no motor option is available.

So would love to get some thoughts on how to show battery status and position given that the bluetooth integration seems to be the way to go. If bondpro will work, and I just need to change something please let me know.

I feel like I just barely understand how this is working so need help.

Thank you