Blinds controller with cable (electric cable or ethernet)

i made some tests, but in my new house, i I have to do a lot of renovations.
I only have a doubt about the blinds, i make some tests with MQTT, but sometimes id doesn’t work, so this week i buy a Z-Wave controller (Fibaro FGR-222 - Z-Wave Blind Control Insert 2) with the Aeotec USB Z-Stick in my Raspberry.
Ok, i try this week, but… in the meantime…
do you know some products to connect the blinds to the raspberry with an electric cable and the control it on Home Assistant?
Or maybe, a product with a HUB, the blinds are connected with a cable to the hub and then the hub is connected with an ethernet cable to the router, obviously that it is controllable by HA.
I hope I explained myself :frowning:

Thank you very much for the support.

no one? :frowning:

I’m surprised you’re having issues with mqtt. What were the issues? Using mqtt really opens the doors for a reliable DIY automated blind. I don’t know what your budget is, but in my research I’ve found off-the-shelf blinds (e.g. lutron serena, somfy, etc.) prohibitively expensive.

The Home Assistant term for blinds is “cover,” which also includes things like garage doors and sun shades. All of the types listed on the cover components section should integrate nicely.

mmm i don’t know :frowning: i have some issues with MQTT and the SonOff switch, sometimes the topic doesn’t arrived, it seems like very slow sometimes …

So, I have a doubt: but if I do everything with cables? Maybe is a good idea :slight_smile: no?

No one use a “cable blinds system”?