Blinds help needes

I just bought a new set of blinds for the house and they are motorized. inside they are a bofu ers25 motor and they dont have wireless or rf capabilities so need some help getting that going. there are 2 cables going to the handle and the handle has 4 buttons. A reset/program button, and an up, stop and down button.

if you press any of the buttons for over 2 seconds the blinds will go either all the way up or down depending on what you press, and stop obviously stops the movement.

I currently run HA with a raspberry pi with the zwave USB stick. Any ideas how to integrate them into HA?

my only thought is if there is a small zwave gizmo that can simulate the 3 buttons up, stop and down and can perhaps program the gui to close the switch for 2 seconds to go all the way up or down and fraction of secs for incremental movements.

does anyone know?

Esp8266 with 2or4 relays

It can connect to HA with mqtt
Trigger relay and have it hold state 3secind before trigger off

is there a particular part number unit that you have use before or will recommend?

Linkspite node R4
Normally available for less than $13USD

Flash with Arduino software

thanks, will buy one to try. no way to do the same with some zwave device?