Blink Cameras delay between actions

I have a bunch of Blink camera and use motion enable / disable rather than arm since I have a couple that stay on all the time

I’ve noticed that if I call multiple changes at once (E.g 5 cameras enable motion) then I will get maybe 3 of them enable and need to run it again to get the other two

I’m guessing this is some inbuilt limit on the Blink API but it seems to vary somewhat- occasionally they’ll all work, sometimes less. 3 is the average/more often than not

Wondering if anyone has figured out what this limit is and how long needed to wait to guarantee that all calls work?


Hi. I see that your message is a bit old but wanted to know if you found a solution. I’m facing the same issue. On Blink integration page, it’s indeed indicated that we should include a 5s delay between API calls to avoid having some of them dropped. But it’s not clear if the service that disable motion detection on several cameras is one call (with all cameras as argument) or several calls (one for each camera). I suppose the later and the automation should be changed to only update one camera at a time, then wait for 5s.

Can’t say that I find the answer per se but I’ve found that each camera needs a good time per action. I found that 5 seconds was not enough and sometimes even 20 wasn’t enough (tho it did work most of the time) so I’ve gone for 30 seconds between each call
Not ideal but we need to work in the constraints.of what Blink provide I think