Blink Cameras - disable sync?

I want to use Home Assistant just for alarm/motion monitoring on Blink cameras.
eg; automate on motion.

The sync interval polls the cameras anyway, including trying to extract a clip.
Can I stop this and just wait for an alarm/motion?

The polling does not poll the cameras just to extract a clip, it polls the server to get the latest information from the sync modules + cameras. Because of this, the answer to your question is “No” because in order for an alarm/motion to be detected, the home assistant component must ask Blink servers if there has been an event.

Note that because of this, the maximum potential delay between a motion event happening and a motion event being detected within home assistant is defined by the scan_interval property.

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Great response. Thanks for explaining.

I will continue to use the excellent Blink App, with Apilio and IFTTT to do my automation with the cameras.

HA gives me a great readout on the “state” of the cameras including wifi, battery and temp but isn’t the right tool for alarming on the Blink cameras in my view.