Blink Component Not Working as Expected

Hello, I am using Hassio and trying to get the Blink component to work. The only entity that shows up is binary_sensor.blink_armed_status which does nothing when I set it. I have 3 sync modules and 8 cameras.

Not sure how to troubleshoot it more. Any ideas?

Well, after a few restarts I can now see one of my sync modules and the three cameras that are paired with it. Not sure if the the component supports multiple sync modules or not?

Hi noch, the blinkpy library I wrote for this component does not currently support more than one sync module. I have an open issue for it, but have had very little time to work on it, unfortunately.

Ah, ok. I appreciate the response. I will mess around directly with the library some and see if I can contribute. I see where the network id for the sync module is set and that explains why I was seeing just the one sync module.

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